Sample meal plan

February 02, 2018

Sample meal plan

Narrow down your nutrition based on your body type 

It is widely known that no one diet fits all and while the principles of maintaining a healthy diet stand (hello leafy greens), understanding your body type will help you to form a solid foundation of nutritional knowledge tailored specifically to you.   

All body types are unique and beautiful but have you ever wondered why some people tend to lose weight quicker than others? Or hold weight in certain areas more than others? Your body type could be a contributing factor! But with so much information already floating around in the ever-expanding sphere of health and fitness, where do you start?! 

Taking those first steps are often some of the most daunting yet crucial on your journey to health, but as we all know preparation is the key to success! 

So for step one, you will need to read through the following descriptions of each body type to determine which of these you are most suited to. 

  1. Ectomorph
    An individual with a typical ‘Ecto’ body type will generally have a smaller bone structure and slender limbs. If you belong to this group you will often have a fast metabolic rate and will have a higher tolerance for carbohydrates than the other body types. A good example of an Ectomorph is an endurance athlete like a marathon runner. 

  1. Endomorph
    An Endomorph body type can be characterised by having a larger bone structure with a tendency to have a higher body mass and as a result, ‘Endo’ body types have a greater propensity for energy storage. The flip-side of an Ecto, an Endo tends to have a lower tolerance for carbohydrates yet can often function at an optimal rate on a higher fat and higher protein diet. 

  1. Mesomorph
    The middleman of the body types is the Mesomorph. Typically athletic, they have a medium bone structure and a predisposition for muscle gain, while maintaining a lower level of body fat. Unlike the Ecto and Endo body types, a Meso individual’s optimum functionality levels are best fuelled by an evenly balanced diet. A good example of a Mesomorph body type is a gymnast. 



½ slice wholemeal toast
1 egg, scrambled
½ grilled tomato
2 cups sautéed kale
½ cup corn kernels
GF: ½ slice GF WM toast

1 Berry Bliss Balls (see recipe)

1 cup pineapple

Pesto Chicken Sandwich (see recipe)

75g Chobani dip
2 Mountain bread wraps
1 cup grapes

80g grilled turkey
½ cup mashed sweet potato
1 cup sautéed kale
150g cauliflower