December 20, 2017


Phase 1 winner Freda Vakras decided enough was enough and put herself first!


Freda Vakras / VIC
Age: 38
Height: 178cm
Starting weight: 83.4kg
Current weight: 79.9kg
Current Occupation: Stay home mum 

Freda’s top tips for surviving a challenge
The beginning is the hardest. You have to be ready mentally, have a plan, stick to it, make no excuses to stray or quit and the results will follow with time.  

Favourite #teamrachel workout:
I enjoy working on my arms. Exercises such as barbell bicep curls, dumbbell tricep extensions, and dumbbell shoulder press.  

Life before the challenge?
Before the challenge, I was at my heaviest I had ever been. I weighed 99kg with my third son and gave birth in May. In August, I was still carrying a lot of weight, feeling weak, and eating unhealthily daily (lots of takeaways). I was forcing myself to get to the gym but my motivation wasn’t there. 

Why did you start the challenge?
At the end of August, I knew I needed to do something about getting my mindset back into enjoying exercise and eating better. But I just needed that extra guide and a push that would hold me accountable. That’s when I saw the Oxygen 12-week challenge in the magazine, and it was the right timing to say “enough is enough, I look after my whole family but I need to look after me too.” I then utilised my gym’s wonderful crèche, who cared for babies from 8 weeks old while you do your workout, and I knew if I couldn’t get to the gym enough, I could do Oxygen’s alternative home workouts.  

How has your life changed since you started the challenge, and what are you doing to succeed this time around?
I have so much more energy, I’m enjoying the program and I’m seeing results already. The flexible training and food guide Oxygen provided is amazing and suitable for anyone.

My children (7, 5, and 4.5 months) need their mum to keep up with them, and now I can. I also have my baby’s christening when the challenge ends, so this was a great goal to have. Not only do I want to feel and look my best for the christening, I want to keep it going for life. And this time around, I will!