December 13, 2017


Phase 1 winner Danielle Bazzano has found the right mentor to help her succeed!

Danielle Bazzano / VIC
Age: 37
Height: 164cm
Starting weight: 68kg
Current weight: 63kg
Occupation: Office Manager

Danielle’s top tips for surviving a challenge:
If you are not feeling motivated, remind yourself why you joined the challenge and what you set out to achieve. If you have a busy week ahead prepare your meals in advance so you don’t eat junk. Trust the process – results each week can be different so stay positive and remember you will only get out what you put in!

Favourite #teamhattie workout:
Advanced Gym – quads, back and biceps!
Barbell back squats
Barbell lunges
Leg extensions
Lat pull-down
Single-arm dumbbell row
Wide grip seated row
Standing barbell bicep curls
Seated hammer curl

Life before the challenge?
Before I started the challenge, I would do 4 weights sessions a week with no cardio and have a cheat day every week. I have lost a considerable amount of weight over the past three years – just on 59kgs so I was quite disciplined and eager to learn about nutrition which was my downfall. I have tried just about every fad diet there is and would lose weight and put it back on plus some weighing 123kg 4 years ago. I really had hit an all-time low to the point I did not want to go out anywhere and hated having my photo taken. I did, however, learn over the past 3 years that a good diet and exercise was the key to maintaining a healthy weight. I just needed to find a good balance that works for me.

Why did you start the challenge?
After meeting many weight loss milestones, I had hit a wall. It was time to set some new goals to take me into the next phase of my transformation less body fat and more muscle. I wanted to find the right balance of diet and exercise which I knew I hadn’t found.

How life has changed since you have started the challenge, and what are you doing to succeed this time round.
This challenge has really been life changing. My workouts are much more structured and my eating habits have changed completely. It really is amazing how different I feel, more energised and focused in everything I do. This change is for the life and I have the right mentor so I know I will succeed, because I want it.