Rebecca ~ It all changed once I stopped dieting and changed my approach...

July 17, 2017

Rebecca ~ It all changed once I stopped dieting and changed my approach...

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Life before the challenge: Before I started the Oxygen magazine challenge and joined #teamrachel, I was still training as I have been for the past 12 months. I had minimal motivation, struggled to be consistent, and was trying too many fad diets, rather than changing my lifestyle and having a healthy balance.

I started the Oxygen challenge because I needed motivation. Motivation to get this mum of two’s booty moving out of my comfort zone and not use the excuse ‘I’m too busy’ any more. It’s so easy to just keep cruising along and making plans to start your ‘diet’ next week. Then you start and have one bad ‘cheat’ day or meal and you fall off the wagon and promise to start again next Monday. I really needed a program that covered all bases: a challenging exercise regime, a realistic, yummy, nutritional program, and most of all support, which is exactly what the Oxygen challenge offered.

Life has definitely changed for me over the past month. It’s not just become a change of diet, but a change of lifestyle, which is exactly what I needed. I’m not starving myself; I’m always full and have really found my motivation and love for training again. Especially since seeing the changes to my body in such a short time — as I had found that I had plateaued for a long time. A major change I’ve made is I’m making sure that if I do eat something bad or slip on my diet that the rest of my meals for the day are on point. My whole week is not ruined and I don’t need to wait until Monday to get back into it. Plus, I love a challenge and now I have something that I can hold myself accountable to. I’m so excited to see what results I can achieve over the next eight weeks.

Name: Rebecca Rotunno/ QLD
Age: 32
Height: 168cm
Starting weight: 65kg           
Current weight: 61.8kg
Occupation: Veterinary Nurse (for 15 years); currently studying cosmetic and paramedical tattooing

Rebecca’s top tips for surviving a challenge

> Preparation is key.

> Setting realistic goals has been vital to surviving the challenge so far and the reason I’m seeing such results.


#teamhattie - Build and Sculpt 12 Week Challenge

- Building lean curves in the right places
- Trimming down your total body
- Booty building and tummy toning
- Feeling fit, firm and fabulous 

- Building and sculpting muscle
- Increasing strength and power
- Lowering body fat
- Feeling strong and unstoppable

* Phased 12-week meal plan
* Vegan & gluten-free options
* Phased 12-week training plan
* Beginner and advanced options
* Over 150 exercise videos
* Weekly motivational videos
* Secret facebook group
* Your coach with you every step of the way!

ONLY $99.95

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